I'm Danielle LaRocque, a Canadian writer and author of Remembering Michael: Rewriting my Story of Stillbirth. Due to my own experience with a term stillbirth, I am also an advocate for those impacted by pregnancy and/or neonatal loss. Based on my experience of healing from a stillbirth, I believe that it is possible to heal and grow from the traumatic blow of unexpected pregnancy and baby loss. Without minimizing the impact or significance of losing our son, Michael, I sought out to transform my story of stillbirth from something traumatic to something more uplifting by using healing through writing practices. Accordingly, I have created this website as a platform to share my transformed story of stillbirth and to give hope to other parents that healing is possible in their loss journeys, whether it is through writing, counseling, spirituality, or something else. On this website, you can access my book, Remembering Michael: Rewriting my Story of Stillbirth, as well as information on me, the book's contributor (and Michael's father/my partner), my latest publications, my current projects, and my upcoming events and workshops. Please see the links below for access to these sections. Thank you for visiting!

Remembering Michael: 

Rewriting my Story of Stillbirth

Danielle LaRocque

with Nigel Burk

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Read more about the book's author, Danielle LaRocque, and the book's contributor, Nigel Burk.


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Remembering Michael

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